26 - 27 June, 2018 | Australia

Utsav Churi

Project Manager

11:35 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Methodologies and Frameworks for Workforce Planning in Digital Disrupted Industries

Digital disruption is influencing the future of work and breaking down the barriers of what was once deemed as traditional. Across all industries, the overall workforce is changing, from upskilling employees to embrace digital skills as well as the overall style of working, moving online and becoming more autonomous. This panel will explore changes in the methodologies and frameworks for workforce planning as your organisation
becomes more digitised and automated:
  • How traditional business has dramatically changed from workforce productivity, demographics and cultural transitions
  • Investigating the effects of how the public has embraced digitisation has also influenced the internal workforce and its strategic and operational workforce management
  • How appropriate investments and understanding of digital technologies can benefit your organisation and create improvements in the long term methodologies and frameworks of your workforce planning

1:55 PM CASE STUDY: Understanding How Vodafone is Creating Digital Agility within their Workforce

Recent research indicates that by 2025 millennials will account for 76% of the global workforce and currently 49% of Vodafone employees are already millennials. Enabling new digital skills and experiences with different parts of the workforce can assist in boosting digital agility. In this session Utsav will explore:

  • Ensuring business improvement through re-alignment of workforce plans to increase digital agility
  • Exploring strategies to involve senior management and how their input can increase better investment opportunities
  • Analysing how Vodafone is working towards creating a digital workforce environment and how they have overcome their challenges

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