Conference Day Two: Thursday, 15 June 2017

08:30 AM - 09:00 AM Registration and Welcome Coffee

09:00 AM - 09:10 AM Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair

3:50 PM - 4:40 PM Interactive Case Study Tour: Overcoming the Not-For-Profit Limitations – How the Royal Doctor Flying Service is Managing the Workforce

Nish Dagli, Workforce Planner, Royal Flying Doctor Service
The uniqueness of NGO’s and NFP’s means resources and funding can present a larger barrier in the organisation’s capabilities. Yet like other organisations, other legislative requirements and regulatory bodies can also impact the limitations and restrictions of a NFP workforce, particularly at the Royal Doctor Flying Service where there is a need to balance between pilot occupancy expectations and challenges with the aviation industry. This session will comprise of a brief 30-minute presentation, highlighting the challenges and strategies as faced by a NFP organisation, followed by a 20-minute roundtable discussion for a more in-depth analysis on solutions that NFP organisations can incorporate in workforce planning. This session will explore:
  • Being proactive in forecasting changes in workload and funding to justify and sustain changes in the workforce
  • The middle ground between government and the business – how to balance and manage legislative safety requirements while obtaining maximum workforce efficiency
  • And overview of the common mistakes of NFP’s in succession planning and what an be done to be proactive rather than reactive, educating successors and leveraging a systemic approach for the long-term

Nish Dagli

Workforce Planner
Royal Flying Doctor Service

09:50 AM - 10:30 AM Nurturing Your Aged Workers and Understanding Their Value to Redefine Workforce Contribution

Scott Williams, CEO, North Eastern Community Hospital
An important part of developing your future workforce is understanding how to respond appropriately with your aged workers. Aged workers are a unique value to your organisation, but many organisations are faced with challenges in how to support their skillsets and wellbeing to still meet business objectives for the future workforce. This session will explore some of these challenges and the effective strategies to put in place to nurture your aged workers and not be afraid to have important conversations about transitions and preparation into retirement.
  • Effective strategies for how to get the best out of your older workforce by creatively thinking and redefining their work contribution to fill skill gaps
  • Managing perceived uncertainties of older workers’ career behaviours and responding accordingly to frame a strategic plan for the future
  • Transitioning your aged workers into a different way of working and exploring alternative paths of training within budgets and resources

Scott Williams

North Eastern Community Hospital


8:00 AM - AM Expert Panel Discussion

11:40 AM - 12:20 PM The Value of Understanding Analytics in Workforce Planning: HR Metrics, Predictive Analytics and ROI

Erin Hannah, Workforce Planning Manager, Australian Taxation Office
Grasping and understanding metrics and analytics is still a struggle that many organisations go through. Yet it is valuable in workforce planning as it can aid in your current and future workforce analysis to support business decisions and objectives. This session will explore how to present data in a way that will benefit the future business outcomes of your workforce.
  • Adopting a degree of sophistication with demand/supply analysis to bridge the gap between the workforce you have and the workforce you need
  • Investigating why HR Metrics and Predictive Analytics should be crucial in HR to project the impact of the future workforce and how it aligns with business objectives
  • How to interpret data and explicitly measure your ROI of workforce planning to retain ongoing support and business value

Erin Hannah

Workforce Planning Manager
Australian Taxation Office


1:20 PM - 1:25 PM Lighting Talks Session: Our Readiness and Maturity in Workforce Planning

As each organisation operates on a different scale with different objectives, it’s clear to see that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to workforce planning. However, what is clear to see is the driving need for it, particularly when it comes to understanding the maturity of your organisation in adopting workforce planning capabilities and analysing HR data and analytics.

In this session, three presenters will highlight their most pressing challenges in their workforce planning, with each presenter commenting on their business readiness and maturity with their workforce. Each presentation will be delivered in lightning fashion, a maximum of ten minutes, before the conference breaks into three groups, each led by a presenter who will continue the discussion in an interactive roundtable discussion.

Since the opening of Sydney’s newly renovated International Convention Centre, the workforce has shifted to focus on managing casualization. In an industry with different work streams from hospitality to customer service, Luke will detail the current journey of the ICC workforce and how they manage the casual workforce to move from a short-term to long-term strategy for future business and employee development.

Luke Fleming

Workforce Planning Manager
International Convention Centre Sydney

Lightning Talk Two

1:25 PM - 2:00 PM Change Management

Jo Cullen, Head of People and Culture, Product and Operations, Foxtel
Despite being in the early stages of their project, Foxtel is currently undergoing a major change that will affect their workforce by 2020. Part of this journey is embedding the element of change management, and working with a team to determine the right skills and capabilities needed to reach the business objectives by the end of the project. Jo will demonstrate in this lightning talk the importance of change management when it comes to forecasting your vision for the future workforce.

Jo Cullen

Head of People and Culture, Product and Operations

Lightning Talk Three

1:25 PM - 2:00 PM Seasonality of Labour

Karen Twitchett , Chief Change Leader, YMCA NSW
Not-For-Profit organisation YMCA is committed to delivering a number of community and recreational programs such as out-of-school-hours care, camps and fitness centres. From this, management of a range of workforce streams in different seasons becomes challenging in trying to create harmony and maturity within the organisations workforce as a whole. Karen will detail their strategy at YMCA in how to best deal with seasonal workers to get the best out of their capabilities regardless of this challenge.

Karen Twitchett

Chief Change Leader

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Lightning Talks Roundtables

In this interactive session, delegates will split into three roundtables based on the lightning talk they found most appealing to explore in open-minded dialogue which will be lead by the presenter.


3:00 PM - 3:40 PM Methodologies and Frameworks for Workforce Planning in Digital Disrupted Industries

Danny Klepac, General Manager, Workforce Transformation, Seven West Media
Digital disruption is influencing the future of work and breaking down the barriers of what was once deemed as traditional. For media organisations, the overall workforce is changing, from upskilling employees to embrace digital skills as well as the overall style of working, moving online and becoming more autonomous. This session will explore changes in the methodologies and frameworks for workforce planning as your organisation becomes more digitised and automated, as seen through the journey of one of Australia’s popular media networks.
  • An overview of the current media industry and how traditional business has dramatically changed from workforce productivity, demographics and cultural transitions
  • Investigating the effects of how the public has embraced digitisation has also influenced the internal workforce and its strategic and operational workforce management
  • How appropriate investments and understanding of digital technologies can benefit your organisation and create improvements in the long term methodologies and frameworks of your workforce planning


Danny Klepac

General Manager, Workforce Transformation
Seven West Media

3:40 PM - 4:20 PM Talent Sourcing Management and Planning in a Competitive and Growing Labour Market

Jo-Anne Galea, National Training and Development Manager, Genesee & Wyoming Inc
  • Scaling processes and maintaining operational efficiency when your organisation grows exponentially
  • Analysing talent pipelines, competitors and understanding what training developments can be initiated to acquire the right talent in technical roles
  • How better investment in talent sourcing can influence a ‘win’ on the future growth of planning and management of organisational brand and prospective talent

Jo-Anne Galea

National Training and Development Manager
Genesee & Wyoming Inc

4:20 PM - 11:59 PM Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair and Close of Main Conference